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NEVERMORE / 8 oz. clear jar w/ black lid

NEVERMORE / 8 oz. clear jar w/ black lid

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Luxurious aroma of worn leather books, suede covers, and rosewood touched by a hint old library page. a Very unique, complex scent.  Some of these candles come with flecks of amber moonstone and aquamarine stones in it for a more unique and luxurious feel.

Top Notes: Rosewood, Lignin

Middle Notes: Worn leather, Cedar

Bottom Notes: Tonka, Patchouli, Sandalwood


Great scent for any room, including living room, bedroom or bathroom.   Great idea for new home gift, welcome home gift, appreciation, thank you, just because gift, friendship gift.  This candle is a one of a kind, will not last long!  This candle has some decorative chips in the wax surface

Coconut Apricot blend wax with cotton wick, premium fragrance that is clean burning, minimal mushrooming of wick, virtually no soot or smoke.  (Follow our candle guidelines to ensure no soot or mushrooming of wick, along with other safety guidelines) As with all of our fragrances, this fragrance is phthalate free, paraben free scent.

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