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MACINTOSH APPLE / 8 oz. Clear jar w/ black lid

MACINTOSH APPLE / 8 oz. Clear jar w/ black lid

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Imagine walking in your favorite apple orchard with the warm sun keeping the chill away.  The fresh air blowing around you and the yummy scent of fresh apples just waiting to be picked by you. You find the perfect apple and when you have it in your hands, you take that ceremonious first bite, it is officially apple season!!! Bring on the yummy fruit of temptation, so many varieties and you can't wait to try them all!  This candle will capture that fresh picked apple and allow you to continue to experience that wonderful feeling!


Top Notes: Green Leaves

Middle Notes:  Tart apples

Bottom Notes: Cedar, Vanilla

This scent makes a great gift for those who love fall scents but wants something a bit unique! Perfect size candle for a kitchen, dining room or living room.  Another great idea for those having an open house, instead of baking cookies, light this candle and create the ambiance that will sure attract more buyers to your home.

Coconut Apricot blend wax with cotton wick, premium fragrance that is clean burning, minimal mushrooming of wick, virtually no soot or smoke.  (Follow our candle guidelines to ensure no soot or mushrooming of wick, along with other safety guidelines) As with all of our fragrances, this fragrance is phthalate free, paraben free scent.

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