Wholesale Opportunities

We are always looking for great companies to work with to help us get our products out there for the public.  We offer competitive pricing, smaller bundles and depending on location we will deliver the product to you! How awesome is that?

I offer the products in a few ways:

a) WHOLE COLLECTION BUNDLING: choosing this allows you to get an entire collection (I.e. Adventures in Michigan) and 6 candles of each fragrance. (6 candles in each specific collection)

b) SEASONAL FRAGRANCE BUNDLING: choosing this one allows you to receive from any collection the seasonal favorites. Spring, Summer and then Fall & Holiday are combined. A minimum of 5 cases (6 candles of 10 seasonal scents)

MOST POPULAR FRAGRANCE BUNDLING: choosing this bundling allows you to receive 6 candles of our top 10 fragrances, you may get a wide variety at anytime. (6 candles of 10 of the most popular = 5 cases)

VARIETY PACK BUNDLING: choosing this option allows you to get smaller amounts of fragrances but a larger variety. We do 3 of each fragrance and you choose from the list of fragrances allowed. A minimum of 6 cases (72 candles) required to meet this option (you may double up on fragrances). This is a great starter option for business to try out!

Please email us or use the contact us page to reach out and let us know what you are looking for. We know that seasonal times are only for a short window, so we will try our hardest to ensure the upcoming season/holiday will be available 10-12 weeks before the start.

With each wholesale order, you will be required to put down half as a security deposit and sign a form listing what you requested, quantities and the form of delivery chosen (if shipping- shipping changes will be determined at that time and will be required paid before shipping out as part of your purchase agreement). Upon arrival, the remaining balance is due. If this agreement doesn’t work for you, please contact me and we can discuss alternatives. We are very flexible and willing to work with you.

Thank you for your interest in carrying our products, as of now wholesale is only available for our candles. I will update this as soon as I can offer my other products (wax melts both sizes, premium room spray & before you go sprays, and any other future products). 

Let’s light the world one candle at a time!