Wax Melts Care Instructions

Wax Melts Care Instructions

Wax Melts are another way to bring in the fun, welcoming fragrances to areas that are unable to have flames.  I personally use wax melts in our RV while we are just hanging out in there due to yucky weather (otherwise we are out and about with the family).

The wax melter I use is from Target, but you can use pretty much any of them with the exclusion of one specific brand, Scentsy.  Scentsy's warmers are not designed to heat up my wax enough to release the fragrances.  I don't want you to be disappointed.

A lot of the guidelines for candle use is the same for wax melt.  For best results, be sure to follow these guidelines.

Place you wax melt in a wax melt approved vessel and NEVER add water.

Keep wax and warmer away from kids and animals.

Place your wax warmer in a stable position away from drafts & flammable items.

Do not leave the warmer unattended, for safety purposes.

Do not leave your warmer on for more than 3 hours.

Use melt until scent is faded. Once faded, remove cooled wax residue & add new melt.  You can use rubbing alcohol to throroughly clean out the warmer when switching between fragrances (allow to dry completely between scents)



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