Let's talk reduce, recycle and upcycling!

Let's talk reduce, recycle and upcycling!

Instead of just tossing your candle vessels, I recommend recycling and upcycle them.  Most of these vessels can be used for other purposes, once the candle is finished.  Here are some great tips to clean and reuse your vessel. 

Another option we have, send it back and get a refill!!!! I will gladly refill your candle vessel with your choice of scent, either if you want the same or try something different.  Please look for the refill listing and click on it to find the steps.    

Here's three easy steps to repurpose your vessel when your candle is done!

1. Put your candle in the freezer overnight

2. Remove any excess wax and the wick clip gently using a butter knife

3. Use alcohol or Dawn dish soap & water to clean out the inside of the vessel

Super easy to do, now the possibilities are endless.   

Oh and if you want to get rid of the label, we won't be upset. Blast that baby with a little heat gun action or use a blow dryer and you can even use the wipe with alcohol from step #3 to remove the adhesive once it's nice and toasty!

Need some inspiration on what do with the vessel? Check out my blog for that!


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