Who doesn't want to save some money and also reuse those empty jars?  Here is a great way to not only earn money towards your future purchases and recycle.

Here are the rules of the program:

1. Current jars and lids does not include prior containers (years 2019-21)

2. $1.00 per jar - NO LIMIT! MUST INCLUDE LID

3. Credits are equal to purchases online and at most in person events

4. You can return jars with wax, wick and labels still there.  We will do the cleaning!

5. You can mail / ship (at your expense) or drop off to Mandy. Your personal coupon code will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

6. You can drop off at participating events we are at (EXCEPT FRANKLIN CIDER MILL) where you can get an immediate discount or we can get your info & email a coupon code for future use.

7. Email Mandy at with a heads up if you are mailing jars. I will get the current address to you promptly and directions to tracking information.

8. Personal coupon codes expire in 6 months.

9. Rules are subject to change as Doe & Fawn admins find the need to modify.

We are looking forward to being part of a better future, we like to do our part as best as we can! 

Remember, let's light the world, one candle at a time!


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