Great News for Doe & Fawn Candles and Co.

Great News for Doe & Fawn Candles and Co.

Hey there everyone, we have been working hard behind the scenes for a little while and we have some great news we can finally share... we will be available for purchase at Franklin Cider Mill during the 2022 season!

We are super excited for this collaboration! We will have scents that you love and enjoy about the cider mill. Imagine the freshly fried cider donuts with the yummy goodness of cinnamon and spices or the freshly picked apples! During the short window that the Cider Mill is open, we will have a rotating selection of scents.  Be sure to come visit them (and us) frequently to check out the new scents. We will also be offering a couple Michigan Maple syrup scents and just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, a few pumpkin scents as well.

Cider Mill scents list (doesn't include the Michigan Maple syrup or Pumpkin scents yet)

Franklin Cider Mill:  The intoxicating scent of freshly fried cider donuts that fills the air from Labor Day weekend until Thanksgiving weekend! Get yourself a few of these candles so you can enjoy the scent year round!

Apple Pull Apart Bread: Yummy scent that captures the warm bread mixed with fresh spices and apple pie filling mixed together. 

Crimson Crisp Apple: This unique scent captures a freshly eaten, juicy crimson crisp apple that is only found at Franklin Cider Mill. 

Dutch Apple Pie: Freshly baked apple pie with a crumb layer consisting of oatmeal, sugar and spices.

Juicy Apple Bourbon: Who doesn't love warm apple cider with a shot of bourbon to keep you warm during the autumn season. Intoxicating and delicious!

Honeycrisp Apple Cider: The sweet and spicy scent of freshly pressed Honeycrisp apples with the mulling spices. 

Candied Apple: Fresh apple coated in a spicy candy coating. 

These scents will only be available at the cider mill, so if you want to check them out, you will have to come visit us at Franklin Cider Mill. 


Franklin Cider Mill is at the corner of Franklin Road and Fourteen Mile near the quaint, adorable town of Franklin! 

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