Alternative uses for candle vessels

Alternative uses for candle vessels

Hey there, it's me again. Here at Doe & Fawn, we love the ability to reuse, recycle and upcycle our candle vessels.  Small tins to the ceramic vessels, they all can be used for something after the candle is finished.  Here are some options for upcycling, including some of my favorites that I personally do. 

After the candle is finished, you are going to want to clean it out completely and properly (which I have listed in another recycling blog post).  Follow the 3 simple steps and you will be ready to utilize your vessel.

Ceramic vessels:
  • Makes a great planter for smaller plants.  Note: be sure to put stones at the bottom to help with drainage.
  • Hold writing implements at your desk or office space
  • Vase for flowers
  •  Makeup brush holder
  • Jewelry storage
  • Hair ties, scrunchies and let's not forget those bobby pins!!!!
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Cotton ball jar
  • Paintbrush holder
  • Glue stick holder
Lidded Jar
  • Paperclips
  • Jar for matches
  • Loose change catcher
  •  Collect your positive affirmations- jot them down on a piece of paper and read them when you’re having a hard day
  • Date Night Idea Jar

There are many other ideas and I would love to see how you used your vessel.  Send me a message and a picture of how you reused and upcycled your candle!

Let's light the world, one candle at a time!


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